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Public Wine Classes > Wine Varietals: Different Grapes....Different Tastes
Wine Varietals:  Different Grapes....Different Tastes
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Wines taste different from each other because they are made from different grapes.  Just as a Granny Smith apple tastes different than a McIntosh apple, wines made from Merlot, Zinfandel, Chardonnay grapes etc. each have unique flavors that are derived primarily from those grapes.  This series will focus on a different grape each  week, and our goal will be to learn more about that particular grape’s aroma and flavor profile as we taste the wines made by different winemakers from around the world.  A perennial favorite with students, this class has the added dimension of being a single-blind tasting, i.e., we will taste the wines randomly “in brown bags” in order to eliminate any preconceptions about price, producer, country of origin, etc.  A quick poll at the end will determine the consensus favorite(s) before unveiling the wines.