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Private Wine Tastings

Private wine tastings

in your home or office with friends, family, or business associates.

Musicians, comedians, and magicians have always been popular entertainment for private parties, social functions, and business meetings.   With today's exploding enjoyment of wine, many people now contract with a wine professional to attend their event.  


The Wine Tutor is available to offer events in a wide variety of formats and price ranges.  

Choose the type of event that is best for your occasion.

1. Totally Casual:  Len pours the wines and answers questions one-on-one with your guests with minimal intrusion into the event. 

2. More Structured:  Here each wine is presented one at a time and Len gives a concise and informative overview of each wine to the group as a whole. 

3. Formal Presentation:  For highly interested oenophiles and wine collectors Len is able to lead an in-depth discussion of many great wines of the world. 

4. Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower:  Especially popular is a wine tasting for the bride and her guests.  See this link for a variety of consulting services we can provide for weddings.    Wedding


Prices for these private events vary based upon type of wines chosen, number of wines tasted, and size of the group.

Minimum package price starts at $250 - $300. 

This is not a wine-for-sale event, there are no sell sheets.  The cost of wine and Len's fee are both included in the total price.

Gift certificates are available.

Available to travel throughout Connecticut.

Please call or email for a specific quote.   203-877-2884    info@wine-tutor.com